Friends 01x02 The One With the Sonogram at the End Mouth says, 2009. 3. 29. 02:27

어떤 과정 못지 않게 키스가 중요하다는 거야.
Kissing is as important as any part.

빙하가 다가오고 있어.
That glacier's getting kind of close.

빙하시대에 다시 만나죠.
I'll catch up with you in the Ice Age.

세 사람만 모이면 어디든 저렇게 오해가 생긴다니까.
This is the Three's Company episode with a misunderstanding.

다 마셨지?
Are you through with that?

괜히 트집잡힐까봐 걱정돼서 그래.
I just don't wanna give them any more ammunition.

그야 부모님은 오빠를 철썩같이 믿고 있으니까.
That's because my parents think Ross can do no wrong.

나한테 화내지 마.
Don't be mad.

두 시간 동안 나도 그러고 있다 왔어.
Do that for two hours, you might be where I am about now.

어떻게 하기로 했어?
How do you fit into this whole thing?

그 때가 좋았지.
Those were the days.

내가 어떻게 하든 난 아빠가 되는 거야.
No matter what I do, I'm still gonna be a father.

음식인지 요리인지를 하고 싶다는구나.
She wants to be something in cooking or food.

너도 참 별나다.
He latches on.

나더러 이기적이라고 말할지 모르겠지만.
This will sound unbelievably selfish.

그게 무슨 뜻이예요?
What's that supposed to mean?

다른 사람들은 현재 위치에 만족하며 지내지.
Others are satisfied with staying where they are.

우리의 특별한 상황을 알고 계셔?
Is she familiar with our special situation?

많이 도와주고 계셔.
She's very supportive.

Come on in.

자기 멋대로야.
He gets his way.

Are you welling up?

That was a cheap shot.

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